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The Privilege Race

The Keys To Unlocking Your Best Life

Brian Thomas Discusses "The Privilege Race" on WGN Chicago

In a recent feature on WGN Chicago, Brian Thomas shared profound insights about the book and highlighted the importance of fostering dialogue around social issues.

About Brian
My Story
| African-American Male
| Kidney Transplant Survivor

| Success/Change-maker

| Family Man

| Lawyer

| Author

I want all of us to earn privilege.  I want you to know you deserve privilege.  I want you to know you can earn it, regardless of where you are right now.    


I wrote a book called The Privilege Race to help us learn about how the subconscious makes most of our decisions and armed with that knowledge, be more intentional about decision-making to get us where we want to be.  


Book 10.jpeg

N****r in a stolen car!

Why should black people suffer racism?

Are you sabotaging yourself?



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